Royal Mango Juice

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Taste Kepc quality

Taste Kepc quality
Kepc Royal Juice products are top shelf products at an affordable price. They are also a community solution that empowers rural farmers in the eastern region of Kenya. Our fresh, ripe mangoes are thoroughly cleaned before being juiced and pasteurized. That means you get healthy, tasty juice every time you open a bottle of Royal Mango or Passion fruit Juice!  Our mango flakes are solar dried and packaged for freshness, and our flours are milled and packaged so that you receive the best.  Kepc products are certified for export by the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). The Kitui  region is filled with productive farms that grow the best fruit and produce and our products reflect the abundance and quality of the area!  It is no wonder that KEPC has been rated the number one Agro-processor in Kitui County the last three years running!

Our Products

Royal Mango Juice:Juice

Our Best Seller! Purchase in 300ml or 500ml bottles. For markets and wholesalers, you can also order 5 Liter bottles of concentrate, or order smaller bottles by the case! Order today!

Royal Mango Juice

Royal Passion Juice:Juice

Coming soon in 300ml and 500ml bottles!

Royal Water:Bottled Water

The coolest distilled drinking water available in 300ml, 500ml and 1liter bottles.

Royal Water

Royal Mango Flakes:Flakes

Solar Dried mango flakes in a 100gm package. This is a great snack!

Royal Mango Flakes

Royal Sorghum Flour:Flour

Fresh milled Kitui Sorghum flour in a 500gm or 1kg package.

Royal Sorghum Fortified Flour:Flour

Royal Sorghum Fortified flour is enriched with mango powder and pea flour, both of which are rich in minerals and vitamins. Pick up our flour in a 300gm, 500gm or 1kg package today!

Royal Sorghum Fortified Flour

Royal Mango Powder:Powder

Solar dried and ready to add to your porridge and other recipes! Purchase in 100gm package.

Royal Mango Powder

About Kepc

The Kitui Enterprise Promotion Company Ltd, (KEPC) is a based in Kitui County, Kenya.  This enterprise was created in 2012, borne out of the Kitui Development Center as an effort to empower small scale Women farmers, who had an abundance of crops but difficulty bringing their crops to market.  Through support from the Farm Africa Maendeleo Enterpise Fund,  the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, Catholic Relief Services and others, a pool of funding was built to facilitate the creation of a mango processing facility. Netfund later provided funding for the mango flour and powder production.  Out of this, KEPC was set up to process produce from area farmers and create, promote, and sell products created as a result.  KEPC is 70% owned by our farmers and 30% owned by our shareholders. We have expanded from working with the regional Nzamka Mango Cooperative to adding regional Sorghum farmers as a source for our products. KEPC is now focused on setting up our products throughout Kitui county and beyond.  You will see our sales force in your local markets and if you do not see our products, request them and check out our MPESA page to order direct!
About Kepc

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